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4 definitions by PapaDoc

Taking a poop before eating Taco Bell to try to prevent the diarrhea that usually ensues a Taco Bell meal. This bold strategy hopes to clear out the stomach and intestines of the customer to make way for the delicious yet dangerous food.
Friend #1: You going to order first?
Friend #2: No dude, I need to pre-bell.
Friend #1: Good idea, I pre-belled earlier.
by papadoc June 29, 2012
2 0
People who you don't fuck with, or aren't cool with.
Mike: You tyrna get with a Crip like me?

Josie: I go out with a Blood.

Mike: Ahh you fuck with them kids.
by Papadoc January 16, 2013
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abbreviated porno aka the good shit
i funna go watch some po'no n play NFL Street.
by PapaDoc May 16, 2005
3 3
n. a group of pussy ass Jrs in Boca Raton FL that suck eachother off
Me and the Mad G's are gonna suck each other off now.
by PapaDoc April 25, 2005
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