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When a man is having sex and their partner is riding them on top...at the moment of orgasm, he pulls out and shoots an enormous amount of semen wiping away any trace of tummy sweat, grime or greasy lubricant.
After waiting 6 months to consumate their relationship, Beto pulled out and gave his girlfriend an unforgettable Under Chassis Superwash.

When Felipe performed an Under Chassis Superwash on his girlfriend, he said the amount of semen splashing her stomach reminded him of a fire-hydrant after getting runover by a rookie driven squad car.
by PansaVerde August 14, 2010
After a guy has sex and is too lazy to take a shower, he washes his balls in the bathroom sink. To do this, he climbs up and begins balancing himself on the sink...splashing water on his nuts and mimicking the Saturday Night Live character Mango's mannerisms and noises in front of the mirror.

Usually works only with 1 nighter's, which is self-explanatory.
After I got done fucking, I was too drunk to take a shower, but I did The Mango and now my junk is clean.

I did The Mango after I fucked this chick at the club, now she doesn't now if I was joking, or I'm certifiably retarded.
by PansaVerde July 03, 2010
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