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Unidentified grime in crevaces or cracks.
Man 1: Tell me what this substance is in the tread of my tires.

Man 2: I can't tell, some kind of gradoo.
by Panamman April 16, 2009
To be applied incorrectly as to damage or missuse.
Why won't this fit back in the box?
Because you've got it squeejarred.

Don't put my hat on your big head you'll get it all squeejarred!
by Panamman April 16, 2009
any unidentified muck, filth, or food residue.
Man 1: What's that on your shirt?
Man 2: Where? What?
Man 1: On your lappel, some king of goochygobble.
by Panamman April 16, 2009
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