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An old folks home. Where you drop your parents off when they get old, and are pretty much useless. I hope I never get old.
"You'd better start walking, or I'll drop you at a Raisin Ranch", said Karen to her Mother.

"My Mom works at a raisin ranch, cleaning old people's asses", I said.

"You're headed straight for the raisin ranch when you retire, Ed!" I exclaimed.
by pallybear December 23, 2005
Is what you call a day that doesn't 'feel' like what day it is. Usually it's Friday.
"Dude, today really doesn't feel like Friday... it must be non-day"
by pallybear September 30, 2005
The term for cell phone batteries. This is a combination of the words "battery" and "bar", because of the "battery meter bars" on cell phones.
"dang, my barteries are low!" exclaimed Jill, as she threw her cell phone across the room.
by Pallybear November 29, 2005

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