3 definitions by Palient

A series of events that one could not possibly go through unless being a geek.
Wow what a geequence. It took 47 hours to get my World of Warcraft account back.
by Palient November 25, 2010
A person who hates a film unless it contains amazing actions scenes, high paid actors, and top notch special effects.
Wow Rico is such a Blockbuster Luster... his favorite movies are Transformers 2 and Avatar.
by Palient January 30, 2011
The name of a person that is the main character of an amazing, psychedelic dream. This dream, although completely random, will cause the dreamer to have the strongest yearning to write a book that a human being could ever feel. He also changes colors to what his mood is.
OMG Palient was in my dream last night, and now I want to right a book.

I wonder what mood Palient will be in tonight.
by Palient November 25, 2010

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