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A clunge catcher is a tool used to catch clunge. The tool can consist of anything that the user may want to use to catch the clunge. Nets, tranquilisers and bear traps are popular among most men. Clunge catching is illegal in most developed countries.
"Hey bro, im off to catch some clunge with my clunge catcher, can I take your net and this bronzed up ripped bloke?"
by PalMatt July 30, 2009
A group of poor, poverty ridden valley bums who support the 2nd best team in Wales who are debt ridden and play in a stadium made out of lego. These people are rabid and violent and approaching them is not advised as they may mug you or rant on about how Ledley is good when he's actually fucking shit.
"Those Blueturds over there tried to mug me, then tried to sell me a season ticket for legoland, fucking scum bags, then they swam away into the distance"
by PalMatt July 30, 2009

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