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There is no doubt that all military history is portrayed with a tide of nationalism and a sense of prejudice against the enemy. Such is the case of Indian military history accumulating a big deal of lies colored as 'facts'. Insofar as the subject relates to Pakistani military victories, the fact stands out that the military history of Pakistan is littered with gallant events—both of individual and collective gallantry. Coloring any political failure as a military defeat of one and victory of the other is but a bleak description of history to hide one's cowardliness, especially when you have the sores of two lost wars. You cannot afford to have another sore.
In April 1965, Pakistan managed to occupy Run of Kutch disputed territory which India was trying to annex. Gen. Musa Khan invited international journalists to neutralize Indian claims of inflicting heavy losses on the Pakistanis, saying, "If the corpses of the enemy are behind me, I have the right to pass the final word. And if they are in front of me, the Indians have the right to do so."
What happened in 1948 is not a mystery anymore. Pakistan Army was able to capture some 40% of the State of Jammu & Kashmir without being directly involved. Had Pakistan Army literally taken part, there would have been no more Indian-occupied Kashmir. What the Indians pushed back were only untamed tribal invaders, not Pakistan Army.
Operation Gibraltar was not a big deal of success on the part of Pakistan and it eventuated an all out war in 1965. Pakistan was attacked and the Indian Army, on the account of its military strength and modern weaponry, thought to have been able to overrun Lahore within a day and the rest of Pakistan within two or more days. However, it was a plan doomed to failure and a dream never to come true. Indian Army stuck at the outskirts of Lahore and the BRB Canal, the-then de facto border, proved an iron wall for the invaders. Pakistan Air Force showed its rage and brought havoc on the Indian armor moving towards Lahore. The CAP that delivered at Lahore was led by Sq. Leader Sajjad Haider “Nosey”. This particular event can correctly be equalized with India’s over-exaggerated “Longewala Battle”. Chawinda thrust of the “Pride of India” was also repulsed inflicting heavy casualties on the Indians and the Indians lost most of their tanks in this particular encounter later termed as the hell of Indian armor. Here, Indian pride marched with 600 tanks to capture strategically important Pakistani city of Sialkot.

The only event of gallant defense that fell into the Indian credit was their defense at Asal Utar. However, the Asal Utar fiasco had more to do with the nature of land and sugarcane crops than with the gallantry of Indian Army. They were well dug and the sugarcane crops escorted them in full. According to several military historians of India, the success of Pakistani armor at Asal Utar could have proved the 4th Pani Pat of Indian history, giving way to another Muslim rule—but this time the Pakistani rule. Apart from this, India was nowhere able to maintain her positions inside Pakistan, whereas Pakistanis successfully pushed the battle into the Indian territory. On the eve of ceasefire, Pakistan held some 1600 square kilometers of Indian territory including Jaurian, Khem Karan, Mona Bao, Kargil etc., and the Indians had on 400 square kilometers on, whereof most part was useless desert.
PAF, despite its infancy and fleet of vulnerable Sabres, came out victorious from the war, managing to destroy around 120 Indian aircrafts while losing only 17 of its own. “What a tally”, said an Indian Air Force writer Air Marshal Trilochan Singh, whereas, on the other hand, international press was all praise of the valor of Pakistani fighter pilots. The kill ratio was 1 to 6 in the favor of PAF.
Pakistan Navy kept Indian Navy at bay while itself managing to destroy Dawarka radar headquarter. This was a feat of valor, which paid Pakistan Navy off in the form of its see superiority. PNS Ghazi was real sign of terror for Indian Navy's pride "Vikrant".

Pakistani Military Victories
by Pakistani_warrior2010 June 29, 2009

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