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Brave men who defend India. The 1.3 million strong Indian army is the third largest force in the world after China and USA.

The Indian Army strength at the beginning of the First World War was 155,423. It ended the war with 573,484 men defending the British empire.

During the Second World War the Indian Army had 189,000 men in 1939 who fought for Britain rising to 2,644,323 at peak strength in 1945.

After independence from Britain, Indian army was involved in these wars:

1.Kashmir in 1948 - came out victorious at several places in Kashmir and drove Pakistani invaders out until ceasefire was declared.

2.China in 1962 - lost to Chinese might and China voluntarily withdrew after taking some part of Kashmir.

3.Pakistan in 1965 - defeated Pakistani army, entered West Punjab and occupied Lahore.

4.Pakistan in 1971 - defeated Pakistan and captured over 90,000 Pakistani soldiers. They were released only when Pakistan agreed to the creation of Bangladesh.

5.Kashmir in 1999 - won through shelling Pakistani intruders by use of Bofors field guns. Pakistan withdrew after US intervention.
Indian army is twice the size of Pakistan army and has never lost to them.
by Jai Shri Ram May 29, 2005