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7 definitions by Pacman

Very good; all right, as in no problems.
Everything is copasetic.
by pacman February 08, 2003
umm..marielle is cool..
Although her boyfriend is cooler, she still manages to be super cool
by Pacman February 05, 2005
n: a super douche. A douche which excedes standard douche qualifications.
What are you doin, douchealouche??
by Pacman October 29, 2004
A small town in Eastern Massachusetts often confused with the capital of New Hampshire. Some "interesting" things happened there before out great grandparents were in diapers, and I don't mean depends. (Revolutionanry war, Henry David Thoreau, etc)
The minutemen in Concord killed a bunch of Brits in 1775.
by pacman January 30, 2004
A 1932 Ford
As in, "She's my Little Deuce Coupe, you don't know what I got".
by pacman February 08, 2003
a girl of urs that does what you want when you want it
kim is one of my clients, i told her to come pick me up so i can get some booty.
by pacman February 27, 2005
Person who created the saying "Oh noes" and is a fan of gamer88.
He was cloud that shopped at the store.
by Pacman December 11, 2004