12 definitions by Pace

1) An exclamation to be made at any random time.
2) An exclamation to be made when one sees an attractive female.
(Derived from a series of videos from Pace and Baier's ninth grade Spanish class)
1) Soy Raul!
2) Soy Raul!!
by Pace June 02, 2004
To make the Nazi "heil" while one's fingers on the heiling hand form the Vulcan "live long and prosper" sign from Star Trek.
Vulcan heil, Vulcan heil.
by Pace June 02, 2004
When spelled with a capital H this is the proper name for a magical asexual being who travels the world spreading joy, but possessing absolutely no genitalia.
Yeah, god damn Hippy, he sure hates Baier.
by Pace June 03, 2004
1) When one man takes his throbbing, erect penis, lubes it up then shoves it into another man's dirty dirty anus and thrusts up and down until he ejaculates.
2) The act of forcibly shoving a dry corncob into someone's anus, preferably done in the late evening hours and behind an outhouse.
1) Hey Sexy Pants! How 'bout we go back to your place and cornhole!
2) After Dan had sex with Bob's chicken, Bob and his friends grabbed Dan one night as he was coming out of the outhouse, pulled down his pants, and cornholed him.
by Pace May 30, 2004
The best state in the country that is east of California, while also being west of New Mexico and south of Utah.
Yep Arizona.
by Pace May 31, 2004
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