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Two persons of the same gender who are best friends and commit to spend their lives together, yet never engage in any type of homosexual relations with one another.
Some famous examples of heterosexual life partners: Jay and Silent Bob, Beavis and Butthead, Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel, Cheech and Chong, Beto and Raul, Pace and Baier.
by Pace June 03, 2004
Originally the kind of hot sauce that Baier had, which featured cartoon African-Americans on the bottle. Now the term has evolved into a generic term for hot sauce.
Yo cornhole bust out with the negro sauce.
by Pace June 02, 2004
Cornholing (See cornhole)
Hey gang, let's go play a game of cornhole.
by Pace June 02, 2004
A blue Telemundo hat belonging to Pace, a magical hat which has been jizzed upon several times by Baier.
Oh yeah, jihad, Pace has got the jizzemundo hat!
by Pace June 03, 2004
The extremely ironic name for the shit-brained fascists who are fighting for control of America, and who put the Bush junta in power.
Fuckin' A Batman! Fuckin' A!
by Pace June 04, 2004
The Native American version of cornhole.
Then the Chief said to his people, "Hey gang let's go do some maizeholing."
by Pace June 02, 2004
Cornholing (see cornhole)
Hey Andy, let's go to Cincinnati.
by Pace May 31, 2004

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