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2 definitions by Paaaooo

Not that place where its dangerous to go outside "cause you can get killed", Colombia is not a place where all the houses are made of cardboard, no they're not made of plastic bags either.
Colombia is just like any other place. Only better imo.
No, the population is not 40 billion indians, colombians are NOT mexican, and no, they are NOT like they show in that stupid movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, like somebody mentioned before, there isn't guerilla everywhere you go, and honestly the people you find here are much kinder and polite.
Colombia has beautiful places, territory, landscapes, PEOPLE, änd from what I've heard, really nice cofee.
It's a normal country, I love it, and like all countries it has its flaws but I just wanted people to notice that by some books, they are getting THE WRONG picture.
Colombia rocks. Period
by Paaaooo May 11, 2007
The fucking most stupid thing you could call someone over the internet.
Not only is it an internet insult, but its not even "cool" or makes you seem smart and "tuff".
All it does it make you look like a moron who spends too much damn time on the computer, therefore resorts to flaming meaningless people and calling them "n00bs"
And it even has this definition of it being a term used to call "people without spelling skills, grammar and show no sign of intelligence"
But simply posting the word n00b you are showing what a MORON you are. If your flaming somebody you could at least manage to make it an insult worth reading.
not-noob: lalalaloveee
person-who-thinks-they-knowitall: n00b
other-person-who-thinks-they-knowitall: (first they try to sound really intelectual, and then the drop the BIG ONE)you're such n00b.
not-noob: =(
actual-smart-person: N00b is just the stupidest thing you can possibly call someone and by calling someone a n00b you are making yourself look like aa idiot, and yes A NOOB, LOSAH.
not-noob" omgthanks
person-who-thinks-they-knowitall: whatever, n00b

by Paaaooo May 11, 2007