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Essentially, a society without government or any other form of central leadership.

Theoretically, along with Communism, an Anarchy is a society in which all members live freely and peacefully with one another.

Realistically, humans are generally selfish beings and are not content with being on a level plane with everyone else; thus Anarchies and Communisms rarely work out as planned.
A boy in my History class once told me that Communism was the form of government in Heaven.

At first I took his word for it, but, after a little bit of research, I discovered that, under the assumption that Heaven presents the epitome of happiness, Anarchy is a better fit. As long as all members are content with being equal, they will regulate themselves and restrictions will not be required.
by P_money January 08, 2008
A fictional term created by the heterosexual female community, out of annoyance for the time consuming nature of their boyfriends' bromances
A weak attempt at feminism
bf: "Hey wanna come over this evening?"
gf: "Nah, I got my girl over. We're in a sismance, get over it"
bf: "What the hell? That isn't even a real thing, and it sounds really awful when you say sismance out loud. You just wish you had a bromance like me"
by p_money March 11, 2013

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