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A word derived from the slang insult "Bastard".

The term "Beestrad" is usually applied to someone (Usually male) who is either a lier, a cheater, a player, or all of the above.
That guy who cheated on (Insert name here) is such a beestrad!
by PSYPH3RiUM February 02, 2004
A word derived from sounding out the abbreviation "wtf" with a few letters added in. Useful if you want to say "What The Fuck" without swearing, or having to type anything.
Guy#1: Hey d00d, I'm Fcuking your girlfreind.

Guy#2: Wahotef? U Bastard!
by PSYPH3RiUM February 02, 2004
abv. Abbreviated version of "What The Fucking Gay." A word used to express great surprise and shock at an unexpected or extremely strange occurrence/circumstance.
*Dial-up internet inbound transfer speed suddenly triples for no apparent reason.*

Me: Dude, wtfg?!!?!?
by PSYPH3RiUM February 02, 2004

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