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Another word for bastard, or just an insult meaning exactly what the word sounds like.
*Random guy #1*: Sir, I want you to insult me without swearing.
*Random guy #2*: You're a stupid barturd.
*Random guy #1*: Barturd? What's a barturd?
*Random guy #2*: My way of saying bastard without swearing.
*Random guy #1*: But that sounds like you're calling me...shit from a bar or something.
*Random guy #2*: That works, too.
by PSC March 15, 2008
The act of raising a finger in victory, and continuing to stick that finger up the ass of your opponent; a demoralizing assault to friend or foe.
Ben received the prodigal son due to his heinous sexual mischief... he was Fontaineing a bit to much
by PSC March 09, 2007

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