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2 definitions by PPLPerson

Abbreviation for "moment"
Similar idea to "min" shortened from "minute"
Same as "tick" also.
I'll be back in a mo'/I'll be back in a min/Back in a tick
by PPLPerson June 22, 2006
Sunderland is a city in (the county) Tyne and Wear, in the North East of England.

People born in Sunderland are known as Mackems. Though Sunderland is in the North East, Mackems are far from being Geordies.

Possibly known for their poor football team, SAFC.

Most likely if any Mackems view UrbanDictionary, they will give this entrant a thumbs down solely because of their embarrassment and pitiful denial of being scum.
Mackem: Born and bred in Sunderland!

Any person with half a brain: You're scum.
by PPLPerson July 23, 2006