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this is often an old shirt or towel which a frustrated bloke beats his meat on to so his milky tears of human love don't stain his favourite aunts mattress
jesus i could do with strangling the one eyed monster!! where's my wank blanket??....yes auntie i'll be down in a minute
by POWER B May 14, 2003
Another word for a woman who likes to finger another womans mutton shutters
speaks for itself
by POWER B May 13, 2003
Dirty filthy flaps which look like bits of old mutton and probably taste the same but you wouldn't want to try
by POWER B May 13, 2003
the threat of an unwanted shit discharge in the pants
i had a proper hot vindaloo last night and now i'm scared i'm gonna draw mud!!!
by POWER B May 13, 2003
Arcing jets of seaman
My lad was so happy to meet her it cried the milky tears of human love
by POWER B May 13, 2003
another name for a deep robing sex session
"see that bint over there my womb ferret nested in her last week!"
by Power B May 14, 2003
excessively moist vaginal flaps.9 times out of ten belonging to a fat woman
i porked this right fat heffer last night, ya should of seen the sweaty dew flaps on it
by POWER B May 14, 2003

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