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A Republican who is also a female and a bitch. The Republibitch manages to merge these three traits into a single inseparable personality trait.
That Peggy Noonan is a real republibitch.
by PLONKA! April 28, 2009
A newly discovered form of physical paralysis. More severe than previous forms. A Vodkapalegic loses use of all four limbs, plus control of their penis. Usually the result of being over served vodka based cokktails.
Mam, please step aside! We have a vodkapalegic coming through!
by PLONKA! March 14, 2010
Vodkation: A relaxing period away from everyday responsibilities made possible through the medicinal use of vodka.
"It's been a bitch of a week! I think I'll be taking a three day vodkation"
vodkapalegic Svedkast Absolunch Belvedinner
by PLONKA! March 16, 2010
Chatlag is the disruption of ones internal clock caused by chatting with someone several time zones away. Unlike its counterpart jetiag} chatlag does not require actual travel.
I was up all night chatting with this hot babe, Maria who lives in Vegas, now I have terrible chatlag.
by PLONKA! May 16, 2009
A breakfast composed primarily of Svedka vodka.

John isn't it a little early to be drinking?

Who the hell are you? My mother! I'm on vodkation, this is my Svedkast!

Svedkast vodkation Absolunch Belvedinner vodkapalegic
by PLONKA! March 16, 2010

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