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Chatlag is the disruption of ones internal clock caused by chatting with someone several time zones away. Unlike its counterpart jetiag} chatlag does not require actual travel.
I was up all night chatting with this hot babe, Maria who lives in Vegas, now I have terrible chatlag.
by PLONKA! May 16, 2009
Disruption of sleep patterns caused by chatting all night to a friend from a different time zone.

See: jet lag
American: Damn it, since we've been chatting my days have started at 2:00 pm and ended at 7:00 am. It's 5:00 am here and I have to get up at 8:00 am for an exam.

Australian: It's chat lag, mate.
by Laukev7 August 28, 2010
A long time delay while chatting, e.g. some hours or days, so its difficult to catch up with the subject.
A:Hey, I have to tell you something!
B doesnt respond.
B, days later: Yeah, tell me!
A: Chat lag! What were we talking about?
by lodre December 23, 2012
staying up too late, chatting with friends, especially in different time zones.

Chat-lagged: Misinterpreting IM messages because of a altered state of mind.

Chat-lag: The act of replying to IM in a delayed fashion as a result of chatting with multiple people at the same time
"I woke today, all chat-lagged. Couldn't function at all!"

"My cool cat buddy in Beijing kept me laughing all night, or morning his time - half way around the world. Now I'm chat-lagged."
by Cat Beijing April 23, 2010
when you're in a chat room and it freezes so it looks like no one's talking, and suddenly you're bombarded with 3213535 messages all at once. this usually happens because your computer is either really slow or just on crack.
This chat lag is really ruining the effect of this internet orgy.
by that girl April 02, 2004
When someone is chatting, and a a server of the chat provider is weak or your's/their internet speed is weaker. Someone says something, often a question, and is answered before the whole questions said. often associated with strong awkwardness
12:10 am Swaggr: Hey babe

12:11 am Babe: Wassup
12:12 am Swaggr: I can't go out, my wife's coming
12:12 am Babe: So you wanna go out
***Chat lag has just happened***
12:13 am Swaggr:
by fukdurbichs November 27, 2014
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