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A slang term for a Crow.
Austin! Shoot that damn nigger chicken!
by Phantom March 26, 2005
This phrase usually pronounced with heavy Mizrahi accent, meaning "I'm not going to do or even think or consider what you suggested because I'd much prefer doing nothing at the moment". It is usually a stand alone response not requiring any additional explanation or reasoning.
Moshe, do your homework!
"Leave me in your mother"


Sharon, were you been smoking?
Arghh, "leave me in your mother"
by PHANTOm March 21, 2005
a guy/gurl who is a punk ass that stops a person from getting someones number or hooking up with them,also an annoying person who doesnt leave u alone when ur havin conversation with some one
neo ur a tru cock blocker
by Phantom October 11, 2003
Everyone wants in but no one knows why just because a book says it's the place to be when you die.
I hope I get in to Heaven.
by Phantom July 28, 2003
Dipper, used to describe an east Indian "From India", With a strong East indian accent.
The dipper at the Quick-e-Mart was pissing me off. I couldent understand a word the mother fucker was saying.
by Phantom March 26, 2005
Someone who hides or "stays" in one place for a long period of time (usually in first person shooter games), waiting for an unsuspected enemy to walk past to direct a lame kill "see lamer", mostly unskilled players who only want to earn points for themselves in a game camp, without really benefiting their team or playing fair at all.In most games camping will eaither get you kicked or hated in a game.
"Jimmy is such a lamer camper..."
by Phantom October 03, 2003
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