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Another name for a suicide bomber, coined by Fox News in their quest to become more "fair and balanced." Problem is, homicide bomber is redundant because any idiot who detonatnes any bomb that kills someone, regardless of if it is strapped to his/her body or not, is considered a homicide. The reason the other networks say suicide bomber is because the bomber blows themself up also. See also, Fox News calls the Tsunami disaster the "killer wave" disaster. Way to EDJUMICATE the public, Mr. Murdoch.
Brit Hume - "I am a fat waste of humanity. Much like the homicide bomber who killed 3 Isrealies and himself today"

Me - "Dude, I thought we deleted this channel"
by PDiddle January 31, 2005
A form of threesome involving one male and two females. The male is in between the two females and wears a dildo on his back like a tail. As the male penetrates one female he is simultaneously pulling out of the other and vice versa. The act is named after the man who pioneered it, Gary Lee Ottmonster.

This is also known as the reverse DP.
Joe ottmonstered those two girls he met at the bar last night.
by pdiddle April 21, 2012
(noun) a moron; dumbass.
That dude is such a mook, he doesn't even know what an adjective is.

Did you hear Bush's speech today? Dude is a mook.
by PDiddle May 17, 2005

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