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The President of the United States of America. His real name and is the first cousin and brother of Osama Bin Laden
Look Barack Osama is making an address on the televison
by pdesil November 20, 2010
1. The Mecca of Rednecks.

2. The worlds largest redneck convention disguised as a race.

3. The art of cheering on wrecks.
1. Every years thousands of rednecks flock to Talladega to worship their god Dale Jr.

2. Billy bob went to Talladega Superspeedway this year.

3. When the wreck occurred all the fans were talladegaing.
by PDESIL April 20, 2010
The act of breaking up with your significant other via text message.
Taylor Swift got the the Jo Bro special from Joe Jonas.
by PDESIL April 20, 2010
The art of making something funny that is not funny
Seth Rogen can use Rogenation to make his stuff funny
by PDESIL April 20, 2010
A word referring to George W. Bush. or simply "W".
George W. Bush was the 43rd Preserdent of the United States
by Pdesil July 27, 2012
A device made for people who cannot roll a joint.
Can I borrow your one hitter cause im all out of papers
by PDESIL April 20, 2010

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