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A crazy, procrastinating little bastard that loves weed, acid, and shrooms.
"Damn it Little Munchie! Why didn't you save any weed for me?"
by PCBPCBPCB May 05, 2009
White raptors (with cow spots) that attack you while you're trippin' on shrooms in a cow pasture. If you've ever seen a cow raptor, you are probably dead right now.
"Dude, I think I just heard a cow raptor...let's get the FUCK outta here!"
by PCBPCBPCB May 06, 2009
The smallest smokable unit of weed. Only to be used in times of desperate scavenging.

also spelled: grimi
person1:Hey man! Got any weed?
person2:Nah, I only have gremees left in my bag.
by PCBPCBPCB May 06, 2009
A secret underground society that will one day rule the world.
The only people who know what "PCB" actually means are the members of "PCB".
person1: Have you ever heard of PCB?
person2: Um...I don't think so.
person1: K.

(Person 2 is secretly a member of PCB)
by PCBPCBPCB May 05, 2009
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