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A city in Washington County, MN. Situated between I-35 and Hwy 61, it has found a niche as a rest stop city - filled with gas stations (at one point this town of 14,000 had two Holidays and four Super Americas) and fast food restaurants.

Is referred to by the population as Flaketown. Which is quite apt at describing the people, as well as the paint on the traffic signs.

The population is mostly white, with a handful of other ethnicities represented sparingly. This results in a substantial proportion of the student body being incredibly racist. Of course, the town is close enough to the Twin Cities where the rest of the student body ends up being priss and politically correct to a disgusting degree. The few who fall in between the two insane ideologies are generally left friendless (but don't worry, they'll go to college out of state and make something of themselves)

Most graduates of Forest Lake High School will end up at Century College in Mahtomedi, MN - the nearest community college. The politically correct-minded will end up at U of M Twin Cities or UMD, or one of the 'in the middle of nowhere' UW schools. Few will escape to bigger and better places and they will never look back.

Since there's nothing to do in town, lots of people get wasted and high. Mostly in public, like at the skatepark or at the dump of a movie theater. This is why anyone with a brain gets out of Flaketown while they still can.
Guy: Alright! Duluth roadtrip! Let's stop at the Forest Lake Burger King before we go since it's on the way!

Flaker 1: Dude, what do you want to do?
Flaker 2: Let's get high.
Flaker 1: Sounds good, I'm failing every class anyway.
Flaker 2: Wanna get high IN class?
Flaker 1: I love you man.
by P1ntsize_Anthro December 30, 2010

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Forest Lake Senior High School is a microcosm of the city of Forest Lake. Sadly, most of its graduates can't even pronounce microcosm, let alone know what it means. The school can be described briefly with three words - racist, drugs, and idiocracy.

The school is a Frankenstein's monster of a building - the school was expanded instead of torn down like it right well should have been. Classroom numbering is random and sporatic, and many students get lost looking for classes even through their senior year.

The school is known for it's FFA (Future Farmers of America) program. Unless you're a member of one of the several big, important families in the area (the ones that own major farms, or recreational vehicle dealerships), you don't give a flying fuck about it. More than likely you're high off your ass in class while some poor schmuck attempts to teach you basic grammar thanks to NCLB.

The school is also well known within theater, debate and speech circuits. Again, not many people care. In fact, the school doesn't even care. Instead of displaying recent victories of the above organizations, they'd rather keep a trophy case full of football and hockey trophies from the 80s, when the Forest Lake Rangers actually won games. To anyone with a brain, that should describe the mentality and demographic of the school more than I ever could.
Principal beginning graduation speech: "Start your tractors! Start your tractors!"

Student: "I fucking hate this school."

Student 1: "You have any drugs?"
Student 2: "You kidding? Everything at Forest Lake Senior High School is drugs! The chairs are drugs, the carpet is drugs, the desks are drugs..."
by P1ntsize_Anthro June 02, 2011

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