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When a person encounters a problem on a computer, calls for help, and finds out it's their fault. Also called a code 18.
Person 1: My CD drive won't open! :'(
Person 2: You're computer's off.
Person 1: Why does that matter?
Person 2: Wow, operator error!
by P.h.i.l June 11, 2005
This was originally spelled wid, but changed due to this common misspelling. This is not to be confused with the other word, wid.

1) n. A really bad relentless itch.
2) n. An extreme annoyance; huge pain in the ass.
3) n. One who is a huge pain in the ass; really annoying.
1) Damn, I hate this whid!
2) I hate this book! It's such a whid to read with this size 3 font.
3) You are such a fucking whid! I wish I could shoot you right now!
by P.h.i.l May 22, 2005
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