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Americans of mixed ancestry. Mixed European/African Americans who appear European. Many are considered Caucasian of European background, who are in fact of mixed European and African ancestry (albeit 2-3 generations past).
Rarely mistaken for "Spanish". Whom are clearly mixed with Spanish/African/Indian
"No one knew she was an Octoroon, Her Grandfather was half African".
Joan Bennett, Constance Bennett, Fredi Washington.
by P.Vought October 05, 2007
A term used to describe mixed Americans (some of whom appear White, but may be of African, European, Native American or Asian mixture) whom choose to identify as Black Americans to honor their Black Slave ancestry.

Many appear as "exotic" individuals often mistaken for many different races. Many have tan complexions, Blue or grey/green /brown eyes, Black/Sandy/Blond/Red/ hair.

Considered in many parts of the world as exceptionally beautiful. Some CHOOSE to identify as Black instead of the cultural privileges associated with being identified as a White American. Many prefer to be known simply as MIXED.
You look Italian, Brazilian, Native American. What are you? I've never seen anyone like you before. Are you "High Yellow"?

Federick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall, Dorothy Dandridge, Halle berry, J. Edgar Hoover, Florence La Rue, Ice Tea, Carol Channing.
My favorite reply is...Human.(smile)
by P.Vought September 08, 2007

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