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From the popular catch phrase derived from the Mc Donald advertisement campaign, this phrase has taken a more literal and street semantic.
Ron Ron refers to a new age drug which provides a high probability for females to discharge during ejaculation and lowers the probability for preganancy.
Also commonly used as a party drug, replacing the once popular Roofy as Ron Ron is harder to detect and no laws are yet enacted upon it.
Side effects of this: Freak preganancies of distorted embryos afflicted by Nebula Syndrome. Difficult pregnancies where the newborn is often stuck and may die of suffocation. A temporary change in facial features and muscular spasms that may be permanent depending on amount of intake.
Male: Lets do Ron Ron!
Female: We did Ron Ron last night, i dont know... Can't we not do Ron Ron for a change?
Male: What are you afraid of? Doing Ron Ron is the best!
Female(reluctantly): Fine.
Male(exuberant): WE DO RON RON!
by P.R.O.K June 21, 2006
Amos: Also known as Amos Syndrome. Originally associated with fungi of the bubon region, the term has been expanded to incorporated other genetalia related diseases.
Due to recent scientific re-modelling of the term, Amos now most astutely define the most hazardous and life threatening of genetalia related ailments.
Doctor: The malformed infant was stuck in the mother's womb, its body partially protruding from the mother's genetalia.

Doctor: A severe case of un-natural discharges affect your son's genetalia, he is afflicted by Amos Syndrome.

Doctor: Cause of death for this patient, Amos Syndrome to the nether region, spreading to his urethra and internal organs, causing internal bleeding and sexual discharges internally.
by P.R.O.K June 21, 2006
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