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1. To receive a hair cut
2. To shave, groom and/or style any region of body or facial hair.
I'll be sure to get a trim job before my big date.
by P. France May 04, 2008
Imaginary lines drawn on the body that determine where hair is socially acceptable to grow. Any hair that grows outside of these regions should be removed by any means necessary. This standard applies to both men and women.
Damn, gurl!!! Only in the 70's would that style of bush be acceptable within the line of trimmage.
by P. France May 04, 2008
1. The grooming of bodily hair using an electric shaver or shears.

2. Providing the service of mowing lawns. Most commonly performed by teenagers as a summertime occupation.
1. Man, my chest hair is out of control. Ever since I went through puberty, I've had to give myself a mow job every week.

2. Teenager 1: You gonna work any ths summer
Teenager 2: Yeah, I thought I'd make some money giving mow jobs to people around the neighborhood.
by P. France May 04, 2008

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