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n. This refers to the "pokemon red" version in the pokemon for gameboy videogame series. This was orginally released in Japan in 1996. The object of the game is to beome a great pokemon trainer and obtain all 8 badges from the 8 gym trainers and reach it to the pokemon tournement. Another goal of the game is to "catch'em all." This is refering to catching all 150 pokemon. Now the myth about #151, Mew, is no true. You can't legitimately catch a Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow. No matter how many times your buddy tells you that he found his Mew in a truck next to the SS Anne or how his Jigglypuff evolved into a Mew -- it's just not true. It's not an accident that Nintendo always publicizes its GB Pokemon games as having 150 Pokemon. Mew #151 is a bonus Pokemon not found in the first three Game Boy games (unless you use a GameShark device to unlock it -- but that can potentially screw up your save file, as well as render the game save incompatible with Pokemon Stadium. If you can't resist using a GameShark code to unlock Mew, be sure to only use it on a save file you're not too attached to).
However, this is by far the best pokemon game to date. Nintendo just released pokemon "fire red", which is a remake of the classic. Only trons will buy this, because it was red version that started the revolution and nothing could replace it.
I just got home from school and gamed on red version for a solid 3 hours.

Red version is by the best pokemon game and will always be.
by P-tone November 03, 2004
n. 1. This is the acronym for "punk ass bitch". a P.A.B. pronounced pab, is one who wines like a bitch, usually a tron, can be tronned easily, crys easily, and has similar qualities of those just stated.
2. The two word suffix "punk ass" can be added to multiple nouns to enhance their descriptiveness.
1. We were playing fris, and i barley touched this tron and he fell on the ground and started crying. What a P.A.B.

2. I asked this tron if he wanted to hook up a red version gaming session.
He then asked me whats a red version?
What a punk ass noob.
by P-tone November 03, 2004
There is still hope if you weren't eligible for the baller crew to be accepted in some formal ballerness, there is the baller society. (the def. of the baller crew could not be posted on this site because the site realized it is just too damn baller to be published) To get into this society you have to have shown exquisite ballerness in everyday life, and if you try to hard to be baller to get into this crew, you are definitley not baller. This is so because you can not try hard to be baller it has to come naturally and easy, if it doesn't stop trying! Anyway you know if you should be in this society or not, and of course all the members of the baller crew are automatically granted membership to this society.
The rules of the Baller Society.
1. Do not talk about the Baller Society.
2. Do not talk about the Baller Society.
3. No trons will be permitted into this society.
4. Do not ask me if you are in this society, if there is any question and you are wondering if you are in this society, i will tell you. You are not.
5. If you continually break rule 4 there will be a sore fate for you.
Tim says, "Can i be in the baller society?"
The baller society says, "No tim, you are just not baller enough, maybe someday . . may someday . . ."
by P-tone November 07, 2004
This is a list of people who are so called "dirty". Dirty can be qualified as a multitude of qualities. For example a dirty person is someone that after you looked at them you want to go home and take a shower. You just don't want to be around them, and in many cases dirty people are also very annoying and tronish. I do not want to name names, but you know who is on it.
Steve asked me for my homework, but i did not give it to him because he is dirty and he would make the paper nasty.

I saw seth this morning, i just wanted to run into my house and take a shower because is so dirty.
by P-tone October 31, 2004
n. This is a tron who impersonates cody ernst. These phonies usually have the same big build, same hair cut, dress the same way . . . but they are not baller. They usually do not talk and act like they are hung over.
I was walking into school today and i saw cody so i said, "hey cody"
He turned around and it wasn't him! It was a cody imposter so i said, "nevermind tron i was not talking to you."
by P-tone November 07, 2004
A nickname of the Palantoni family. Contrary to common belief the nickname P-tone, has been in the family for several years, first originating from the eldest son michael. This name has also been pronounced p-tones with an "s" or p-tone singular, either form is acceptable. Obviously the origin of this is from the last name, but specifically the P comes from beginning of the name and "tone" from the second to last syllabal.
"P-tones your an animal" (this was actually said by Matt Crossett at a varsity basketball game, to Michael Palantoni)
by P-tone October 27, 2004

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