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2 definitions by P-P-P-Parkerface

An alternate function for the "PokeWalker" device bundled with the new Pokemon "HeartGold" and "SoulSilver" games.

The device is a pedometer, which rewards players in proportion to the number of steps they take. Its counting function may be accelerated by rapid masturbational movements of the hand.

Caution must be taken, as prolonged auto-erotic contact of this kind may lead to contraction of the Pokerus virus, which essentially makes your dick level up faster.

Not to be confused with Pokesturbate.
PokeWanker User's Manual:
1) Strap device to hand.
2) Find Gardevoir porn.
3) Masturbate furiously.
4) Reach Level 100.
5) ?????
by P-P-P-Parkerface March 11, 2010
Sauce produced by having fun. :)
Bro, I had to change my sheets because I got funsauce all over them.
by P-P-P-Parkerface April 28, 2011