7 definitions by P Nutty

to smoke acigarette.
Fuck it, let's just stodge in the house.
by P Nutty May 09, 2009
a girl who is especially naive to the ways of the world. a simpleton.
That gerber brain idiot just spilt her drink on my lap.
by P Nutty May 10, 2009
a line of cocaine.
They were up doing boingos off my cofee table all night
by P Nutty May 09, 2009
An expression used in anticipation of a long, chaotic night of partying ahead.
Guy 1:"watch out, keg comin through here"
Guy 2: "shit...somebody gone die tonight."
by P Nutty May 09, 2009
check out this flaming ochmo in the fish net shirt.
by P Nutty May 09, 2009
the overwhelming stimulation or "high" one experiences from the use of cocaine, adderall or caffeine.
Did you notice how schmung Trevor was when he came out of the bathroom?
by P Nutty May 09, 2009
a loser, geek, or deuche bag. also: a socially inept individual.
You better un-invite that stu ball to my party.
by P Nutty May 09, 2009

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