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Capital of New York. It lies on the west banks of the Husdon River, south of its junction with the Mohawk River. The city's population stood at 95,000 in 2000, down from a peak of 134,000 in 1950. It's an insanely diverse city, at about 60% white, 30% black, 6% hispanic, 3% asian, and 1% other. It's primarily middle class, with awesome middle class communities and real estate. There are also black communities with older rowhomes, apartments, and project complexes. Blacks concentrate along Clinton Av, N and S Pearl Sts. The rest of the city's much more diverse.
Albany, New York is at the crossroads of highways to NYC, Boston, Montreal, and Buffalo. It's closest to NYC, and that's where most of its out-of-towners come from. Many blacks leave NYC for Albany in search of a new beginning. Great schools, plentiful apartment options, Government, white collar, and retail jobs, and a strong housing authority make this all possible. There's also a good local bus system (CDTA) which evolved from 30's era streetcars.
by OwlGreene March 22, 2011
The language spoken on the streets of Baltimore is one that has been refined over the last 30 years. It's a largely homegrown accent, and it's one that's mainly confined to the city and its black suburbs. A person from Baltimore never pronounces the T. It's more like Ball-di-more, or usually just B-More. Yo often, unnecessarily, begins AND ends many sentences.

-Switching Vowels-
Words like red, bed, and dead are pronounced with Is: red=rid, bed=bid, dead=did. Chair sounds more like "cheer" in Baltimore. Orange sounds more like "oinch"!
-Adding Consonants-

It's hard to explain what happens to words like too, blue, or do. It comes out with an added r somewhere, and the actual sound can't be accurately spelled.
-New Words-
In the late 90s, young Baltimoreans could be heard calling "Ay yerp" in all corners of the city. In context it sounds more like yerp=yo
-Altered Definitions-
Many definition changes are related to crime. For example, the movie "Blow" brought national recognition to a nickname of cocaine. However, ask for "blow" in Baltimore, and you'll get served heroin. Drug cops are "knockers". To get "plucked" is to be punched. Sneakers are always tennis shoes, or just "tennis" for short. Braids are almost always "plaits". A whore in Baltimore is not a prostitute, he or she is a coward. Even Baltimorean children have slang. Cut or budge in line and you'll be told not to "rude in line".
Baltimore Accent examples:
"Somebody gotta go get a hack (illegal cab) so we can go out the county (the suburbs).

"A yo, you seen Mike, yo?"

"Yo just got plucked by one of them dirty ass knockers."
by OwlGreene March 22, 2011
1) Defined as as slang term for drugs, yet varies from place to place and from person to person. In general, where u are determines what is considered dope. (see examples)

2)Late 80s early 90s term used for liking or admiration (see ex.)
1) Memphis: "Fi dat dope up, main" (referring to pot)
Baltimore: "A yo who got some dope?" (referring to heroin)

2) Yo son those tennis shoes be dope.
by OwlGreene March 22, 2011

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