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"Shut up, Stupid" is a common response one will receive from an easily confused, ignorant, toothless and unwashed truck driver when the driver cannot comprehend what was said in a conversation. It is highly likely the responder was not included in said conversation.
Does anyone know the name of the city this truckstop is in?

Shut up, Stupid!
by Overdrive October 26, 2005
A term describing the Confederate Flag. Usually seen at tractor pulls, on the front of Semi Tractors and in the rear window of Dodge pick up trucks that have no exhaust and over sized tires.
Fly the Stars and Bars with toothless pride!
by Overdrive November 07, 2005
A "FIBWAB" is a term used by a "cheesehead" that means "Fucking Illinois Bastard- With A Boat". Wisconsin would have the economy of a third world nation without the money people from Illinois spend beyond the Cheddar Curtain each year.
Note to all cheeseheads: By 2018, people from Illinois will own more lakefront property in Wisconsin than locals. It is too late to close the border. FIBWAB in your mirror? Lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way!
by Overdrive August 27, 2006
A once beautiful town that is fast becoming an overpopulated crime riddled shithole like Los Angeles.
Las Vegas will never be the beautiful town it once was.
by Overdrive November 15, 2005
A Passive Psycho is a guy who doesn't bother people, not violent and keeps to himself. Then when somebody fucks with him one too many times, all hell breaks loose.
The bully kept messing with Jimmy. Jimmy blew it off until one day he went from passive to psycho and stuck a pen in the bully's eye. Jimmy is a passive psycho.
by Overdrive August 19, 2009
Blocker Bait is the friend you call to keep the Cock Blocker busy while you try to get laid.
"Can my fat cousin CeCe come with us tonight? She bored."
Uh-oh. Better find some Blocker Bait.

by Overdrive August 10, 2008
The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, learned a hard lesson. People belong in swimming pools.
The Crocodile Hunter cashed out.
by Overdrive September 04, 2006

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