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4 definitions by Ovens

Doing/saying something purely in the interest of self-amusement.
"These jokes aren't funny at all." "They're funny to me, and that's all that matters."
by Ovens June 01, 2005
"Phat trax" is used to describe songs which have both "fresh rhymes" and "mad beats". If the music is lacking either of these, it does not qualify as "phat trax".

"Phat trax" is both singular and plural.
"If you lay down some mad beats, Dre can make phat trax all day long."
by Ovens December 16, 2004
DESTROYMAN exists for one purpose. To DESTROY~ whatever he feels must be DESTROYED~.
"DESTROYMAN then DESTROYED~ the old woman with a powerful kick to the jaw."
by Ovens December 02, 2004
A slang word for labia
If your zoolyzams are longer than your earlobes then you are probably a slut
by Ovens December 31, 2005