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Defining something as untrue, a falsity. The opposite of "4realz."
George W. Bush: I'm a good president and def haven't committed any war crimes, faux realz yo.
by outercow May 05, 2008
The seemingly oxymoronic state one holds after being briefed on an important issue that they themselves recognize as deserving of further investigation, and then having made the conscious decision not to learn anything more about it.
Example 1.
Dude A: Hey dude, wanna go to that lecture on the ongoing genocide in Darfur?
Dude B: Nah, no thanks dude. I'm happy with my informed ignorance.

Example 2.
Hippies often try to make you feel guilty about your own informed ignorance.
by outercow April 25, 2009
To harness the magnificent power of George Foreman Grill to cook meat and bring about the most glorious presence of flavor in that meat that was ever possible of occurring in a logically consistent universe.

—Related forms: foremanication; noun
Job: Would everyone just settle down? I'm trying to foremanicate your burgers over here.
Ezekiel: (aside to Mary) I just love to watch him foremanicate.
by outercow May 24, 2008
A pregnant astronaut.
As of today, pregnauts are still hypothetical creatures.
by OuterCow February 08, 2011
The accusation someone makes when they accuse you of having sex on your period.
John: Why is your face all covered in blood!?
Samantha: Just earned my Red Wings baby!
John: ewwww!!! Blood libel!
by OuterCow January 14, 2011

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