3 definitions by Ottovan

Pronounced: (EE-oof-ka-pulse-EE)

1.) A statement/word/remark that is ridiculously false.

2.) Something that is so untrue it makes you laugh.
On a rainy day:
"Man, this weather is beautiful." - Some dumbass
"That sir, is pure Euphcapulsy." - Not a dumbass
by Ottovan March 23, 2009
The act of having Big Bird and The Jack in the Box Guy in court and Jack making fun of a poor defenseless handicaped child.
"Hahaha! The Clertin?!?" J. Box
"I Oughta' Kick your ass." - B. Bird
by Ottovan March 02, 2009
A "Nut Brownie" is the act of anal sex. Very fast anal sex. Why fast? Because if you fuck a chick in the ass very fast and pull out quickly she will shit all over your nuts.
Thus creating a Nut Brownie.
What else is there to say?
Go ahead, try it out.

If you dare.

Example should include the word "Nut Brownie"

So Nut Brownie. Nukka.
by Ottovan April 16, 2009

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