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Breasts soo large that the closest guess at the cup size is infinity.
Person A: Woah, check out those infinity
by Otoha_desu May 29, 2010
A person who is in a relationship

The opposite of single
A:"hey remember that girl who kept flirting with me last night? Turns out she was album after all."

B:"What? I thought for sure she was single!"
by Otoha_desu August 06, 2011
The obsession of the afflicted person to visit and use each and every toilet they pass by no matter how long ago they last went to one.
Person A: "Wait, I just gotta do something..."
Person B: "...wait, please tell me your not going to that toilet, OMG you and your f'ing toilet bug!"
by Otoha_desu September 23, 2010

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