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2 definitions by Orpheus II

To be obliterated, annihilated, raped*, emasculated, or otherwise beaten, typically in a video game, in such a phenomenal way as to be comparable to the manner in which Gendo Ikari, a godlike character from the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, would "own" someone (most commonly Shinji Ikari).

*can also be applied to literal/statutory rape, as in the case of Rei Ayanami.
Player 1: Yeah motherfucker, you just got Gendowned.
Player 2: I just suck at fighting games.
by Orpheus II July 15, 2006
The act of masturbation. Originates from the card game of the same name, not only because the game is played alone, but because of the 'fapping' sound created when cards are placed on the table.
You assholes ditched me. I ended up playing solitaire seventeen times.
by Orpheus II July 17, 2006