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When you make a genuinely funny Facebook status and someone corrects a small grammatical error you made and then that's all people notice.
Status: Who makes the sandwich if your in a gay relationship?

Comment: *you're

Comment after that: wow nice grammar lol

Response to comment: that is now a tainted status
by original name March 01, 2012
some argue the state and atheists have cause over 100 million deaths. Nothing compared to the sheer number of deaths that have been cause by religion and theism in the past (crusades) and the simple halt of progress that the church has created (inquisition). Also, violence based on God continues today in the Middle East. But atheists are bad because they don't have faith in something that has no logical merit.
According to Roman Catholic tradition and scripture, one is to have faith in something without proof, like God or Jesus. However, I can easily say "I am Jesus 2005, follow me" and you must follow me without any logical reason or proof, because you're supposed to have faith. Makes sense.
by Original Name April 20, 2005

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