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A horrible, incurable infectious disease stemming from the TSA member Soul, thirty-year consecutive winner of the World Forehead Typing Championships. Once infected, the host will be unable to correctly, accurately or with any speed type anything at all. Usually expressed with "ffs soulitis" and is mainly present in the Tal Shiar Alliance IRC channel, though it may spread to any person or location spontaneously.
<+Arioch> looks like i'll get 71-78 pray without touching a bonr. <+Arioch> ffs soulitis
by Orc-TSA January 18, 2010
A incredibly perverted subhuman creature that inhabits the wild-lands of IRC. It constantly threatens to do horrible sexual things to various TSA members, and is usually kicked/banned on sight.
by Orc-TSA October 09, 2009

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