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another way for saying gay but slightly less homophobic. it stands for attracted to the same sex

guy 1: look at pablo over there, wot a bender
guy 2: thats homophobic, he prefers to be called ATTSS
guy 1: stop sticking up for him u f*king c*ck sucking homo
guy 2: correction- ATTSS
guy 1: F*CK U!
by Orangecrazy March 13, 2009
when a piece of material is pulled up between your chesticles in a wedgie style- but on ure chest
usualy happens with harnesses or womens underwear
"aah this harness is giving me a chwedgie"
"hahaha arse chest!"
"hey im gunna give that bitch a chwedgie"
"hahaha arse chest!"
by Orangecrazy September 19, 2008

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