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James Hawkings. Ruthless. Likes eating kittens and catapulting the rest of the human race into volcanos; asshat
Owlmanatt was eating a kitten while he catapulted me into a volcano, therefore he is an asshat.
by Orange October 05, 2003
a name called out to acnowledge a friends presence(not a disc)
Guy 1: yo dude whats up
Guy 2: yia yia yia motha nut
by orange March 12, 2005
one who licks things alot.
hey over there look at the lickest, he's lickin a fukn bench.Stupid lickest
by orange March 12, 2005
a home made form of Zoloft. It is much more potent then Zoloft and is used to prevent hardcore emo kids from slitting their wrists and blacking their eyes.
i should hook that emo kid up with some xolof, he looks like hes going to kill himself
by orange April 18, 2005
a fun way to say the word fuck. 1) a diss. 2) agitated. 3) preposition
guy 1: yo dude why frrruck did you run.
guy 2: Cause i frrruckin wanted to bitch.
guy 3: yo shut the frrruck up i'm tryin to watch TV
guy 4: yo you guys want some frrruckin sandwhiches.
by orange March 12, 2005
bisexualy retard?...hmm i dont really know what this word means...but its funny
shut up you stupid bitard
by orange January 19, 2004
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