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a song by The Prodigy, which also happens to be the unofficial theme song of many "gingers", or red-haired people around the world.
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter.
by Oomomo January 09, 2010
The worst video game series published by Nintendo. Unrealistic storyline involving an elf in a green skirt trying to save a princess from an evil wizard dude (generic storyline, bleh), who's really just saving her because it's a better excuse to do that than to flat out say he was stalking her. It's set in medieval times, because, honestly, I don't see any electric-powered devices, such as automobiles, lightbulbs, or modern-day machinery (they use huge wooden gears and horses to travel, 1600's maybe?) Also, it's really easy to become lost. In Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time, it's SOOOO expansive that a casual gamer or just someone who really doesn't care to spend alot of time getting from Point A to Point B (me being the latter) wouldn't enjoy. AND if you make one tiny mistake, like missing a key item in the game, you're basically screwed. Oh, and video games are supposed to be fun. Playing a game with a stalker elf midget, a 1600's setting, a confusing as hell sense of direction, and a generic storyline is not fun. Plus, it's not MULTIPLAYER (minus Four Swords).
The Legend of Zelda is a horrible excuse of a video game series, and, honestly, I have no idea why it was ever created.
by Oomomo December 24, 2009

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