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Crazy Party Girl
The hottest, wildest, drunkest, most fun girl you've ever met.

CPG originated on the mainline around 2008 thanks to the Academy of Notre Dame's own HEM. She marketed this word through the thick green bracelets that the "cool" girls weren't caught DEAD without. CPG didn't only stand for CrazyPartyGirl but it stood as an iconic symbol of mainline prep/money/fun/style. CPG began to be a word thrown around as a pseudonym for popular kids who partied on the weekend (or in Avalon in the summers). Let's just say, if you weren't a CPG you were dying to be one.

However it later was used to speak ironically about ones idiotic friends and their drunk faux pas.
CPG was an everyday word, thus tapering off into the abyss of useless acronyms
In 2008:

Girl 1: Holy shit, they get drunk every weekend in that Prep guys basement when his parents are home.
Girl 2: I know I hear they all make out in the home theater.
Girl1: True CPGs

In 2010:
(Friend pukes into a McDonalds bag while walking through Wayne PA)
Girl 1: (says to puking friend) haha stop being a CPG!
by OnlyTrueCPGleft December 21, 2012

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