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Term used to describe one that has spane-like characteristics and has a strong, hidden a attraction to human males. One with an extremely small penis. One that has the characteristics of a very unintelligent person.
Spane is such a fagot.
by Online Diction March 01, 2003
A phrase coined by internet savvy and evangelist Isaac D. of Saint Petersburg, Florida, which means 'see you later' without saying goodbye, because people born of Christ, the Lamb of God, will always see each other again. Not quite goodbye, and not quite later.
'Goodlater, Isaac, I'll see you tomorrow...'
by Online Diction June 21, 2004
1. A very nice, handsome young man from England.
2. N. A man that knows exactly how to please someone in the most positive way possible.
That isaac boy over there sure is looking fine...
by Online Diction December 29, 2003
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