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1. Alcoholic's Anonymous. You should know what it sounds like.
2. On numerous BEMANI games, a near-perfect score. However, on DDRExtreme US, to get it you have to full combo a song AND get a lot of Perfects. This is highly regarded as unpopular since in th original Japanese DDRExtreme you could get a AA with just 90% Perfects.
3. New sequel to a popular BeatMania IIDX and DDR song, A. Done by D.J. Amuro, it is of the Renaissance genre like it's predecessor, and contains lots of synthesized violins and piano. Doesn't change tempo, unlike A.
1. "The other day I was so desperate for a beer I ate the dirt under the bleachers."

2. "I would've gotten a AA but I got a Good on ONE step. Stupid US n00bs.

3. "Seeing as AA just came out on BeatMania IIDX Red (11th Style), numerous StepMania players will be making DDR versions of it. Alright."
by ONI-UNIT November 02, 2004
Quite possibly one of the nerdiest online comics ever, about two groups of angsty kids that train to win a DDR tourney.
Yes, they take a Dance Dance Revolution tournament that seriously.
Called a manga by some, despite the fact that it's american-made.
10k commotion is one of the nerdiest things I've ever seen. The main character has a backpack with fairy wings.
by Oni-Unit June 23, 2005
What over-militant homosexuals use against heterosexuals, assuming it'll be as offensive as fag or dyke. Fortunately, it never caught on due to it:
1. Not being offensive
2. Not being accurate (numerous heterosexuals would never have children as this term implies)
3. Being a weak counter-offensive to something that is heavily used.
Femi-nazi lesbian: YOU GODDAMN BREEDER!
Me: First off I hate children so I would never 'breed'. Second, it's fine that you're a lesbian, but it's NOT fine that you're a bitch.
by ONI-UNIT November 13, 2004
The way that Wapanese Final Fantasy VII fanfags pronounce "Aeris". This is not due to it being her actual name that was somehow mistranslated, but due to every FF7 fan having a lisp.
SHE FUCKING DIES :D Sephiroth finishes her off.
by Oni-Unit August 27, 2005
Incredibly overrated title from the Final Fantasy series. It had it's moments, but the main problems were the dislikeable characters (Spehiroth, Cloud, Aeris, Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Cid, Cloud, every one of the Turks, Barrett, Sephiroth, Yuffie, and Cloud), the low challenge when compared to the other 6 Final Fantasy games, the dreadful-looking polygons that have bloated wrists and ankles, and the fact that the final boss can destroy several planets but dies in one hit if you've done things properly.
Even so, it had an innovative ability system that expanded upon FFVI's Espers, useful limit breaks for each character which can do a number of things in battle, impressive background graphics, and a great number of sidequests.
Otaku Final Fantasy VII fan: FF7 is the best game ever and sephiroth is the best villain ever and cloud is the best hero ever and tif'as tits make me want to splooge.
More observant gamer: FF7 was overhyped and overrated. I enjoyed every other Final Fantasy game much more, and the only edge I saw in FF7 was the marvelous soundtrack.
Otaku: fcuk u, ima jack off to cloudxvincentxsephiroth yaoi
by Oni-Unit July 12, 2005
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