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2 definitions by OneClickMouse

Stupid Russian can't drive
"I saw that Flicony the other day in DayZ"
by OneClickMouse November 13, 2013
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A budding young film maker who goes by the tag AlfaFilms. A huge fan if the Call Of Duty franchise and owns every game. Creator of the Accused trailer on YouTube which won him a prize in school. He is truly honoured to know the gaming genius that is OneClickMouse but does disagree on his liking of the Battlefield franchise. Known also for is equal liking of My Little Pony, AlfaFilms dreams of a day where everyone could be like him.... also he hates Jackfrags
"I was watching AlfaFilms the other day and share his love for Arma and COD"
by OneClickMouse November 13, 2013
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