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A long text message which your cell carrier has to break up into a minimum of 3 texts due to its length. Generally consisting of wrenching emotional details, with a back story. i.e. kook ups, break ups and various other relationship dramas.
You should read the Text Novella Shelley sent me. Her and John had a huge blow out fight last night and he packed and moved his stuff this morning.

From Shelly 1/3: You aren't gonna believe what happened, John started again on me with his jealousy routine. He accused me of dating all the guys I work with again.

From Shelly 2/3: I tried to explain that we sometimes all get together for drinks after work. Totally innocent. Then he started asking me why I don't ever invite him to these things if they are "totally innocent", he actually did the air quotes if you can believe it. So we yelled forever last night, he slept on the couch and packed his clothes and left this morning!

From Shelly 3/3: Can you believe it? Should I be happy he is gone? I miss him so much already!!!! Should I call him?
by Omega in Colorado November 20, 2010
Skipping work and other responsibilities for the sole purpose of having sex. Preferably illicit sex with someone other than your spouse or significant other.
Dude, don't tell anyone I totally played nookie hookey with my new neighbor.
by Omega in Colorado October 13, 2010
Glutard, someone who can not have wheat gluten in their diet.
Don't worry, I cooked you a special glutard friendly dinner.
by Omega in Colorado October 06, 2010
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