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"Mija" is short for "mi hija" which is Spanish for "my daughter"

Used to refer to your children.

Mija can also be used as slang between close friends, homies, etc, male to female.

Used between couples as well.

It can also be used to offend a male friend. It would be the equivalent of calling him a pussy.
1. "Mi hija is beautiful."

2. Male friend to female friend>>> "Hows it going, mija?"

3. Mario to Peach>>> "Wanna go out tonight, mija?"

4. Luis to Jose>>> "Whats up, mija?"
by Omaña January 22, 2011
Established in the USA in mid July of 2011, Lamping has become the latest trend. Initially started to mock "planking," it has become a fad all on its own.

Planking consist of simply placing a lamp shade on your head, effectively covering your head and face, and positioning yourself in an unusual place, where lamps normally wouldnt be placed. Like planking, lamping has become very competitive amongst creative individuals with too much time on their hands, while also becoming a concern to some who believe it will become just as dangerous as planking. Love it or hate it, lamping will take over FB for a couple months or so.
"I was bored and decided to have a lamping war on FB"

"I decided to lamp on the toilet today."

"I'm trying to get my dog to lamp"
by Omaña July 22, 2011

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