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3 definitions by OmGwTfBbQ!!!111oNe

The l33t h4x0r's pasta sauce. instead of mixing a lot of vegetables with even more tomatoes, one mixes a lot of tomatoes with even more alcohol, thus making w00tsauce. Called "w00tsauce" because it gives you the alcohol-and-lycopene-high that makes your brain go 'w00t!'.
I'm going to the grocery store to get some tomatoes and beer and put it in the blender to make some w00tsauce and h4x0r all night.
by OmGwTfBbQ!!!111oNe August 15, 2005
n) 1. What you use to talk to the Dude that doesn't listen. Most people know Him as God.
0ur F47h3r, wh0 0wnz h34v3n, j00 pwn!
M4y 4ll 0ur b4s3 s0m3d4y b3 b3l0ng 70 j00!
M4y j00 0wn 3r7h jus7 l1k3 j00 0wn h34v3n.
G1v3 us d1s d4y 0ur w4r3z, mp3z, 4nd pr0n 7hr0ugh 4 ph47 p1p3.
4nd cu7 us s0m3 sl4ck wh3n w3 4c7 l1k3 n00b l4m3rz, jus7 4s w3 733ch n00bz wh3n 7h3y 4c7 l4m3 0n us.
Pl33z k33p d4 m4n 0ff 0ur b4cks, w3'd 4ppr3c1473 17.
F0r j00 0wn r007 0n 4ll 0ur b0x3n 4 3v4 4nd 3v4, 4m3n.
by OmGwTfBbQ!!!111oNe August 15, 2005
1. The opposite sex of the male.
2. Equal to the male.
3. Physically weaker than the male.
4. Superior bone structure to the male.
5. Generally think with the right side of the brain, whereas males think with the left side of the brain. This means that females are more creative than males, while males are smarter than females. Females pronounce color and texture in their minds, but males tend to emphasize spacial coordinates. This gives males superior driving skills.
6. Emotionally and mentally unstable creatures, when compared to the male. Many females need to let their emotions out (such as talking, where many do too much). Therefore, they will usually be covert as to what they say, generally leading to arguments.
Females with more estrogen than testosterone.
by OmGwTfBbQ!!!111oNe August 18, 2005